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Senica Manor House

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The handsome late-baroque style manor house is Senica’s most treasured historic landmark. Presumably designed by the renowned Austrian architect F. A. Hillebrandt, who participated in the building of Vienna’s Belveder or the Schlosshofe Manor House. The manor house, surrounded by an old English park, now houses the Záhorská Gallery which focuses on region’s historical as well as contemporary art. While seeing the Senica Manor House, visitors may add to their itinerary a trip to the Kunov Water Reservoir, a popular summer recreation resort to the north of Senica, or to the Branč Castle, a place with one of the most beautiful views in West Slovakia.

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Region: Senica (Trnavský kraj)

GPS: 48.683578 17.368926


Address: Sadová 619/3, Senica

Phone: +421 34 651 29 37



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