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Jewish cemetery in Dobrá Voda

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Nearby the hiking trail connecting village Dobrá Voda with the castle of the same name, there lies a magic sacred place with a unique atmosphere. This place is very old Jewish cemetery, surrounded by dense forest. Above the cemetery with 27 gravestones written in exotic Hebrew rises the gallows hill. This place used to be an execution site in the past. The reason for such a distant location of the cemetery was, that Jews as infidels couldn´t (and didn´t want to) be burried in traditional christian cemeteries. The cemetery is easily accesible from village Dobrá Voda and majority of tourists visit it on their way to the castle.

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Region: Trnava (Trnavský kraj)

GPS: 48.606341 17.527333


Address: Dobrá Voda (pri turistickom chodníku na hrad Dobrá Voda), 919 54

Phone: +421 33 557 50 04




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