Salaš Vígľaš

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Dear guest, we are glad that you´ve visited us. Let us make you familiar with this beautiful place. History of Salaš Vígľaš began in 1968. Clever people had decided in that year to build a sheepfarm in charming surrounding of the foothill of Strážovské Mountain, near to lovely town Bojnice. This farm has been offering guests its services for more than 40 years now.  
The name Vígľaš is not random. In the very past people were looking for safety in highly located places; to have a good view on wide surrounding. They found it also on the hill above today´s Salaš Vígľaš. The very first Slavonians named this place vengled, later vigľad (translated view). Few centuries later people in nearby villages started to call this location Vígľaš.
However, today you will not find this name in the maps; it has remained only in memories of people...

Dear guests, our aim is to bring on your table the traditional Slovak meals of the best quality; that´s why we prepare the meals exclusively from the best ingredients coming from regional producers.
A meal of high quality cannot be prepared in 10 minutes, so please make yourself at home and enjoy the breath-taking view of the surrounding nature...
Enjoy your meal and we´re looking forward to your next visit.
Salaš Vígľaš Team

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Region: Prievidza (Trenčiansky kraj)

GPS: 48.777383 18.563236


Address: Opatovce nad Nitrou 472, Opatovce nad Nitrou, 972 02

Phone: +421 46 540 61 44



Visitors information



Price from: 11.35 €

Max. number of people: 16

Facilities: [translation missing], [translation missing], [translation missing], [translation missing], [translation missing], Internet, [translation missing], [translation missing]

Min. persons per night: 1

Min. nights: 1

Room format: 1x2+1; 1x3; 1xAPT (1x4); 1xAPT (1x6)

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 3

Toilets: 3


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