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Millenium cross

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Millenium, or jubilee cross was built near the road between the towns Rybky and Oreské in Senica county. Based on special 2000th anniversary of birth of Jesus Christ, size of the cross is special too: with the height of 27 meters and the range of shoulders being  9 meters, we are talking about the biggest cross in Slovakia. In the middle (point of crossing) there is a relief with five different coloured doves, representing five continents. Slightly widened lower side of the cross works as a small chapel.  Masses and processions take place here on certain Saint´s days. There is a road with 14 simple little crosses leading to Millenium cross, which represent stops in way of crosses, so we can easily call this location a calvary.

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Region: Senica (Trnavský kraj)

GPS: 48.727267 17.318495


Address: Rybky, 906 04

Phone: +421 34 651 12 88



Brano Písečný 30.09.2016 o 18:15 visited 30.09.2016
Fajn zastávka na cigárko :-) 

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