Château Appony

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After an expensive renovation the Renaissance chateau from the Appony dynasty has been transforned into a luxury hotel, famous for its extensive library  of the Appony dynasty.
You will find majestic halls, stylish rooms and spacious  and luxury suites in this unique hotel .
Even though everything here is fresh and new, the chateau tells you an amazing history. Many famous people have stayed here in the past such as members of Roosvelt presidency, Josephine Baker, Maharaja from Patialy, Thomas Cardeza from the Titanic, Albanian queen Geraldina,  just to mention a few.
You can not miss out  on our stylish restaurant Songe located within the elegant chateau. Here you can taste cusine of the finest quality, or visit our lobby bar with a wide range of drinks and spirits.
You can also find a modern wellness centre with a swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and massages- everything  for your rest and relaxation.
You simply must visit the unique grounds of the Chateau Appony.  Now you have seen what the unique Chateau Appony has to offer, we hope you will come to visit and know you will be delighted to return again.

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Region: Topoľčany (Nitriansky kraj)

GPS: 48.4640222 18.14849138


Address: Oponice 271, Oponice, 956 14

Phone: +421 38 323 81 11



Visitors information



Price from: 49.50 €

Max. number of people: 100

Facilities: [translation missing], [translation missing], [translation missing], [translation missing], [translation missing], [translation missing], [translation missing], Internet, [translation missing], [translation missing], [translation missing]

Min. persons per night: 1

Min. nights: 1

Bedrooms: 40

Bathrooms: 40

Toilets: 40


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