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Čachtice Castle

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Who would not have heard about the castle deep in Carpathian forests, the silent witness to atrocities committed by one of the worst serial killers in Slovak history, Alžbeta Bathory? Here and in other places as well, The Bloody Countess gruesomely murdered hundreds of innocent girls. Legend has it that she believed that bathing in their blood would keep her young forever. It is said that the groans and cries of all the girls tortured to death can still sometimes be heard among the ruins of the castle. Despite its grim history, visiting Čachtice Castle is definitely not a grim experience; on the contrary, it can be quite a nice one. The Čachtice Castle Hill – a unique site with a number of precious and rare plants and animals – offers an enchanting view of the surrounding landscape with charming woodlands, rivulets and small villages, which makes one stop and soak in the beauty of Slovak countryside.

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Region: Nové Mesto nad Váhom (Trenčiansky kraj)

GPS: 48.725234 17.761201


Address: Čachtice 916 21

Phone: +421 903 715 406, +421 32 740 10 24



Visitors information

Opening hours: The castle is currently being renovated and is not open to the public.

S deťmi na Čachtický hrad a Hladový prameň 06.12.2017 Trubadur
Kategória: Route Nature Castles, Manor houses, Chateaus
 Chyba najväčšia je, keď sa počas veľkonočných sviatkov vyberiete niekam na výlet. Cesta autom pohoda, posádka: 2 x žena, 1 x dieťa, 1 x pohlavie mužské. Všetci radia ako šoférovať kde pridať kde pribrzdiť približujeme sa k cieľu cesty aj ku koncu... Read more


pebobricky 30.08.2016 o 17:54 visited 29.08.2016
Velmi pekna trasa aj samotny hrad. Na hrade je sprievodca, takze mate aj obhliadku s vykladom. Treba urcite navstivit.
Heady 29.08.2016 o 15:10 visited
biaggi 22.08.2016 o 16:46 visited 20.08.2016
oplatí sa, paráda.

coconuttree 11.04.2016 o 00:55 visited 29.08.2014
..prijemny vylet vcetne obce Cachtice

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