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Lookout tower Brestovec - Poľana

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On the forest border not far away from the beautiful cottager village Brestovec (Poľana part) stands a magnificent 20 m high wooden tourist lookout tower. This tower provides truly spectacular view under the suitable weather conditions. This view includes: White Carpathians ( the highest hill Veľká Javorina including), Myjavská pahorkatina, Považský Inovec, Tríbeč, Vtáčnik even Strážov mountains. Unfortunatelly, there is no view towards the Moravian side although it´s not far from the borders. It was financed under the project: Lets look at the borders from the heights.

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Region: Myjava (Trenčiansky kraj)

GPS: 48.803675 17.544905


Address: Brestovec (časť Poľana), 907 01

Phone: +421 34 621 23 30




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