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Branč castle

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Situated in the picturesque countryside near the border of Senica and Myjava district, the ruins of Branč Castle sit on a hill overlooking the village of Podbranč. This site offers one of the best views of West Slovakia, as well as of beautiful sunsets. Keen observers will have the whole of Záhorie region to explore, as well as the Small and the White Carpathian Mountains. In excellent weather conditions one can see as far as the Eastern Alps in Austria. Branč Castle is subject to many legends. According to one of them a local lord lost his patience and cursed his daughter after she refused to marry every suitor he presented to her. To this day she roams the castle ruins in search of a husband. Visitors who manage to escape the clutches of The Black Lady can visit the nearby town of Sobotište with rich cultural heritage from the time of Haban settlement and the Slovak National Revival. Last but not least, what is also worth visiting is Sobotište’s renaissance-baroque style manor house, housing a museum dedicated to Samuel Jurkovič, one of the prominent figures of Slovakia’s middle class cultural, political and literary life in the nineteenth century.

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Region: Senica (Trnavský kraj)

GPS: 48.733627 17.467794


Address: Podbranč (časť Podzámok), 906 05

Phone: +421 34 6282 423



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