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Nitra Gallery, County House in Nitra

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A beautiful building rebuilt in Art Nouveau style, the former County House is a gateway to the conservation area of Upper City in Nitra. Its interiors are a residence of the president
of self-governing Nitra and also Nitra Gallery, which focuses on collecting and presenting artworks of all disciplines of fine art of the 20th and 21st century. Attractive exhibitions of this Gallery will impress not only lovers of modern art but also visitors who stray to Nitra.

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Region: Nitra (Nitriansky kraj)

GPS: 48.315739 18.085443


Address: Župné námestie 3, Nitra, 949 01

Phone: +421 37 657 96 41



Visitors information

Opening hours:

Admission Fee: +421 37 657 96 41;



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