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Slovenská Ľupča Castle

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Sat one of the foothills of Low Tatras overlooking the town of Slovenská Lupča is one of the most beautiful structures of cultural and historical importance of Horehronie Region, Slovenská Ľupča Castle. This castle surrounded with lush vegetation is now open to the public. Apart from stately interiors, the castle also offers its visitors the opportunity to admire Matthias Corvinus’s more than six hundred years old linden tree – one of the oldest trees in Slovakia – or a well dug sixty metres deep into solid rock, leading into a secret passage out of the castle. As it is often the case with old castles, there is an old macabre legend connected with it talking about a beautiful, yet treacherous young girl named Veronika. This girl set her mind on seducing the husband of the castle warden, her ailing cousin. When she achieved that, she planned to persuade the husband filled with sinful passion to kill his wife, so that the two of them could enjoy their time together without anyone standing in the way. Unfortunately for Veronika, the lady of the castle herself, owing many favours to the castle warden, got to know about her sinister plan and arranged for the deceitful temptress to be sent into the dungeon. Veronika lost her mind in there and committed suicide and her ghost is said to never have the cold walls of the castle. Roaming and squealing, on moonlit nights, her ghost haunts the castle to this day.

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Region: Banská Bystrica (Banskobystrický kraj)

GPS: 48.772338 19.280785


Address: Pod zámkom 531, Slovenská Ľupča, 976 13

Phone: +421 48 418 74 29



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