Dead Bats´ Cave

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Dead Bats´ Cave is the oldest and the only alpine cave open for visitor in Slovakia. Located in the Low Tatras in the district of town Brezno. Its mysterious underground spaces in hide in addition to the classical stalactite cave formations a rare reddish brown and green color volcanic rocks, which contain lenses agate. Also noteworthy is that the whole cave is littered with skeletons of bats, whose age is estimated at a staggering 6,000 years. Before entering the Cave of Dead Bats´ visitor get  dresses in quite speleologic clothes and mining helmet with light, which greatly enhances the experience of the show.
NOTE: It is necessary to call in advance to report a visit. To visit the cave sturdy shoes and appropriate and physical fitness is needed.

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Region: Brezno (Banskobystrický kraj)

GPS: 48.925286 19.638893


Address: Národný park Nízke Tatry, Brezno, 977 01

Phone: +421 905 135 535



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