The Guesthouse Orava

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To welcome our guests and guide them around Orava, the countryside below Osobita, Skorusina and the Rohace hills is a great honour. The natural beauty of Orava is embedded in the Slovak culture, written in the songs and poetry of ancient Slovak tradition. This region holds a special place in the hearts of the Slovak people with its picturesque scenery and fascinating history.
Our guesthouse is situated in the village of Habovka close to Zuberec and the Rohace mountains. We provide a variety of comfortable accommodation for everyone. Families with children, couples and individuals are all provided for.
The guesthouse Orava is open all year round and offers rooms, apartments with bathrooms and kitchenette. We have 4 double rooms, 2 apartments with double bed and additional bed if required. We also have an apartment which sleeps 4-6. All apartments and rooms have a kitchenette and wireless internet is available.

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Region: Tvrdošín (Žilinský kraj)

GPS: 49.277717 19.605069


Address: Edmunda Petra Bárdoša č. 184, Habovka, 027 32

Phone: +421 907 180 244



Visitors information



Price from: 21.75 €

Max. number of people: 20

Facilities: [translation missing], [translation missing], [translation missing], Internet, [translation missing]

Min. persons per night: 1

Min. nights: 1

Room format: 4x2, 2x2+1, 1x4+2

Bedrooms: 7

Kitchens: 7

Bathrooms: 7

Toilets: 7


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