Baranec Cottages

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The wooden chalets are a part of a resort complex called Baranec in an altitude of 1000 m above sea level. They are situated in a beautiful mountain scenery on the southern hillside of Western Tatras under the ridge of Baranec (the third highest peak of Western Tatras, 2184 m) The resort complex is accessible by eastern road (1,5km) which begins at the entrance of Žiarska Valley. This mountain area is well-known for its calm and magnificent view of the panorama of Low Tatras, Liptov Valley and Liptovska Mara dam.

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Region: Liptovský Mikuláš (Žilinský kraj)

GPS: 49.139901 19.718622


Address: Konská 315, Žiar, 032 04

Phone: +421 911 810 284



Visitors information



Price from: 10.00 €

Max. number of people: 58

Facilities: [translation missing], [translation missing], [translation missing], [translation missing], [translation missing], [translation missing], Internet, [translation missing], [translation missing], [translation missing]

Min. persons per night: 1

Min. nights: 1

Room format: 8x2, 5xCH (2x2+1), 3xCH (2x2)

Bedrooms: 24

Kitchens: 9

Bathrooms: 16

Toilets: 16


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