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Waterfall in Zadky

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If there was a poll for a waterfalls with the most unusual name, one of the candidates (maybe even the winner) would surely be Vodopád v Zadkoch (Waterfall in Arses), also called Waterfall Arses. The name is derived from little valley in High Fatra called Zadky, in which it´s located. Waterfall is created on dolomite rocks through which tributary of river Revúca flows. According to the amount of water in the brook it changes not only its size, but also flow and shape. The height varies between 3-4 meters. Waterfall is the most beautiful during the spring, when the snow is melting or after strong rains. In the middle of the summer or during extreme temperatures, the river flow is very weak. You can acces the waterfall from Vyšná Revúca (part of Liptovské Revúce). You will take the green marked trail towards Krížna and you have to make it left near the gamekeeper´s house called Hajabačka. When you reach the first crossroads, you have to go left again and continue on unmarked trail to the valley Zadky.

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Region: Ružomberok (Žilinský kraj)

GPS: 48.884861 19.151701


Address: Veľká Fatra, Liptovské Revúce, 034 74

Phone: +421 44 431 36 11




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