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The Rock fist (Jánošík´s fist)

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In the foothills of Mních hill ( The Monk), just about 40 m above the road from Lisková to Ružomberok, there is a unique natural monument Skalná päsť (Rock fist). It´s also called Jánošík´s fist. We are talking about 6 meters high rock formation, totally worthy of its name. According to the local folk tale, this place marks the spot where Jánošík and his tendance attempted to loot the cruel usurper – count Révay. When the fight began, Révay´s men pulled out sharped scimitars on unarmed thieves. The future was not looking too bright, but in the right moment Jánošík himself jumped out and lynched the crew with their arrogant count with his bare hands. To prevent this heroic act of „prince of thieves“ from being forgotten, Jánošík´s men carved this rock into the shape of the giant fist.

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Region: Ružomberok (Žilinský kraj)

GPS: 49.086403 19.335084


Address: Lisková (západný okraj obce), 034 81

Phone: +421 44 432 62 21




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