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Divín castle

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Towering on a lowish hill right above the town of Divín, are the ruins of the medieval Divín Castle. This castle has a rich as well as bloody history. For example, in the sixteenth century the Turks captured it, killing almost all troops garrisoned inside. There is a story concerning this event. It is about a clever gypsy girl named Rózka, who one night managed to get a Turkish guard drunk, so that her fellows could drive away all Turkish horses. Finally, by lighting on fire the green coniferous twigs they had stacked into the castle cellars, they smoked poor Turks out of the castle and reclaimed it. After the Turks fled, the former lord of the castle returned and married Rózka. Visitors to this area may also visit the charming local Renaissance manor-house or Ružiná Water Reservoir located in the neighbouring town. Ružiná is a popular summer resort where people can go swimming as well as fishing.

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Region: Lučenec (Banskobystrický kraj)

GPS: 48.448184 19.533106


Address: Divín, 985 52

Phone: +421 47 451 25 58



Visitors information

Opening hours: Free access

Admission Fee: Free access


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