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Šomoška Castle

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The fairly well-preserved ruins of Šomoška Castle sit on a hillock above the town of Šiatorská Bukovina, right next to the border of Slovakia and Hungary. An impressive info trail leads to the castle, surrounded by groves, artificial ponds and unique volcanic rock formations. The most beautiful of these formations is the “Stone Waterfall”, located on the north-western side of the castle hill. It is formed from dark hexagonal basalt columns. Similar basalt columns were used as a building material for the castle. Šomoška Castle is subject to several interesting legends. One of them talks about a cocky nobleman who considered the Turks a bunch of fools. One day, he arranged straw dummies around the castle walls and sent the garrison to the king’s castle in Zvolen. To his great amazement, the Turks could not be fooled so easily. They stormed Šomoška Castle, killed the nobleman and made the only human soldier defending the castle their court jester. After that, Hungarian lords finally realized that the Turkish threat should never be underestimated.

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Region: Lučenec (Banskobystrický kraj)

GPS: 48.171409 19.85705


Address: Šiatorská Bukovinka

Phone: +421 47 449 11 54



Visitors information

Opening hours: Free access

Admission Fee: Free access


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