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Domica cave

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The Domica Cave had offered a short time refuge for the oldest Neolithic inhabitants of the Eastern Slovakia who were creators of the culture with the eastern linear ceramics – and its local branch so called Gemer Linear Ceramics. However, the cave had been mostly settled by the Neolithic humans of the Bukk Mountain Culture. The original entrance was later blocked by debris and the cave became inaccessible. Post holes from dwelling objects and fireplaces were discovered in several places of the cave. More than 200 reconstructed containers from sherds as well as a terrace-dug slope in a fine-grained loam on the Styx bank with imprints of stone axes are evidences of ceramics manufacture in the cave. Irons, awls, arrows, the oldest comb in Europe, ring, decorated cylinder bracelet and fishhook represent the peak of Neolithic processing of bones. Also pendants from shells and animal teeth were preserved. Instruments from stone comprise smoothened axes, wedges and mallet with drilled hole and split stone tools – knives and scrapers. The evidence of fabrics making is the finding of a thick fabric imprint in the loam (the oldest one in Slovakia), clay whorls as well as a fragment of the conic weaving weight unit. The rear parts of the cave served probably as sacred and cult places and charcoal drawings were preserved here. Domica is one of the most important finding places of the Bukk-Mountain Culture in Slovakia.

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Region: Rožňava (Košický kraj)

GPS: 48.477770034 20.470178391


Address: Kečovo, 049 55

Phone: +421 58 788 20 10



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Jaskyna krasna, boli sme zo slovenskej strany a musim povedat ze uroven na nasej strane je na bode mrazu. Prehliadka sa mi celkom pacila vyklad sprievodu na velmi slabej urovni a plavba na lodke velmi kratka ... Nabuduce jednoznacne cez madarsku stranu.

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