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Čičava Castle

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Near the town of Vranov nad Topľou, spread on a limestone hill in Ondavská Highland (Ondavská vrchovina) lie the handsome ruins of the legendary Čičava Castle. This castle is famous for a book that had been known in the past across the whole of Slovakia. This book, called the Book of Čičava (Čičavská kniha) or the Book of Lies, used to be kept in the castle during the sixteenth and the seventeenth century and people used to write in it all kinds of false statements along with the names of those who made them. The hike to Čičava Castle is really rewarding and offers to those who make it to the top a great view of the East Slovakia Upland (Východoslovenská pahorkatina), the Ondava River or the Humenské Hills (Humenské vrchy). More adventurous hikers can try to find the legendary treasure of Čičava supposedly hidden in the dungeon under the castle guarded by a mysterious fire-spewing black hound. Legend has it that if, on a Good Friday, a virtuous and pious person digs his way through to the treasure chamber, they will be permitted to take a few gold pieces, but if an unrepentant sinner dares to enter the chamber, they will have to face the fiery beast, and a rain of falling rocks.

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Region: Vranov nad Topľou (Prešovský kraj)

GPS: 48.914406 21.738311


Address: Sedliská, miestna časť Podčičva


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Opening hours: Free access

Admission Fee: Free access


crashy 15.08.2016 o 13:11 visited 10.08.2016
Som úplne nadšená z toho ako sa náš hrad rekonštruuje. Jediný čo v mojom okolí nájdeme. Už píšem prihlašku do členstva združenia. Záleží mi aby sa naša pamiatka v okrese Vranov zachovala.
silvia.sab 29.03.2016 o 11:37 visited 30.05.2015
pekný výhľad, keď je pekné počasie

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