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Michalovce Manor House

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The Baroque-Classical palatial manor house in the heart of Zemplín region – the town of Michalovce – is a great attraction for those who like feasting their eyes on all manner of beautiful things and learning something new in the process as well. The Zemplín Museum located here, with a collection counting more than seventy thousand exhibits, offers insight into traditional arts and crafts of the region as well as its fauna and flora and its natural conditions. Furthermore, visitors get to see the oldest gold items crafted in the area of today’s Slovakia as well as the elegant housing culture of nobility and of people living in the city. Visitors should though proceed with great caution. The rooms of the manor house are said to have been haunted for centuries by a wraith in the form of a young woman clad in white robes who would frighten even the bravest of hearts. This may be why the Zemplín Festival of Ghosts and Spectres (Zemplínsky festival duchov a strašidiel) traditionally takes place in the manor house grounds; its well-kept cour d'honneur and in its vast park. And do not worry the White Lady present at the festival is not the legendary wraith one.

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Region: Michalovce (Košický kraj)

GPS: 48.75786 21.924811


Address: Kostolné námestie 1, Michalovce, 071 01

Phone: +421 56 644 10 93



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Kaštieľ som navštívila so spolužiakmi z Bratislavy. Veľmi sa páčilo, aj keď je pravda, že okolie by bolo dobré skrášliť. Vyzerá to ako na stavenisku.

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