Hôrka Campsite

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Hôrka Campsite is a seasonal facility visited by tourists from May to September. It is situated about 7 kilometres from Michalovce, at the water reserve of Zemplínska Šírava, in a recreational centre known as Hôrka.
The area of the campsite is grassy and partly shadowed by the trees. It is easily accessible from an asphalt road.
Not far from the campsite there is a beach of Zemplínska Šírava, which provides tourists with a pleasant recreation. In our surroundings there are plenty of restaurants, buffets and a grocery shop. There are other facilities in the area, too. You might play tennis on the near courts, go horse riding or just enjoy a cruise on the water reserve. Those who prefer hiking will find a great range of opportunities as well. A walk to a nearby castle of Vinné or to Lake Vinné belong to less demanding trips. Fitter hikers might try a trip to the Vihorlat mountains or to Lake Morské Oko, which is famous because of its volcanic origin.
We strongly believe that the pleasant environment, mild climate as well as interesting local landmarks and facilities will ensure that you will have an enjoyable stay in our campsite.

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Region: Michalovce (Košický kraj)

GPS: 48.79541 21.96897


Address: Rekreačná oblasť Hôrka, Vinné, 072 31

Phone: +421 911 761 085 (+421 905 539 508)

Email: info@campinghorka.sk

Web: http://www.campinghorka.sk/

Visitors information

Pricelist: http://www.campinghorka.sk/?language=eng&section=default


Price from: 7.00 €

Facilities: [translation missing], [translation missing]

Min. persons per night: 1

Min. nights: 1


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