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Zbojnícky (Bandit) Castle (also called Soľnohrad)

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Inconspicuous Zbojnícky castle ruins (or Soľnohrad) is situated on a hill of Slanské mountains above the village Ruská Nová Ves. The once mighty fortress guarded the nearby salt deposits. Title Zbojnicky (Bandit) castle was given to it because in the past it was a home of feared robber barons who attacked and killed the local people. Today's visitor to the castle hill cannot enjoy it too much - there are only modest remains of the fortress. But the beautiful environment of the surrounding nature and lovely views of the open valley and distant mountains will certainly be more than adequate substitute.

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Region: Prešov (Prešovský kraj)

GPS: 48.974696 21.346381


Address: Ruská Nová Ves (okres Prešov)

Phone: +421 51 758 30 75



Visitors information

Opening hours: Ruins of Zbojnícky castle are open to the public.


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