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Trebišov Manor House

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In the beautiful environs of the Trebišov Municipal Park lies the beautiful Baroque manor house commissioned by the Csáky family, which was later facelifted in the Classicist tradition. These days the halls of the manor house are no longer occupied by aristocrats, but instead house the Trebišov Regional Museum. This museum offers an insight into Zemplín folk culture and runs a lapidary exhibition featuring various antique items made of stone. Added to that, the museum runs an exhibition showing the history of the famous Tokaji viticulture, plus there is also an archive where visitors can sample the finest wines once enjoyed by the aristocracy throughout the whole of Europe. Apart from that, the Trebišov Museum holds a unique place in Slovakia as the museum of phillumeny, focusing on the history of human fire keeping from its very beginnings to the invention of the match. The Trebišov Regional Museum is not the only strong point of the manor house. Behind the building stretches a handsome English park with gazebos, fountains, a pond and most importantly the mausoleum of the Andrassy family, a stunning piece of architecture.

Trebišov Manor House houses the Trebišov Regional Museum.

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Region: Trebišov (Košický kraj)

GPS: 48.619683 21.720989


Address: M. R. Štefánika 257/65, Trebišov, 075 01

Phone: +421 56 672 22 34



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