Košice casemates, Executioner's Bastion

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Košice casemates are the impressive exposition of the East Slovakia Museum installed in the building of the Executioner's Bastion, a medieval fortified buildings of the 15th century. Visitors can reveal numerous charms of historic firearms from the simple to the complex systems of modern times. Shooting mortars, rifles, blunderbusses, bazookas, cannon and much more is waiting for anyone who is to visit the place, to breathe in the unique atmosphere of the old European warfare.
NOTE: The tour Košice casemates can be completed within the visit Memorial House of Francis II. Rákoczi - Rodošto.

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Region: Košice (Košický kraj)

GPS: 48.722835 21.260607


Address: Hrnčiarska 7, Košice, 040 01

Phone: +421 917 755 594

Email: info@vsmuzeum.sk

Web: http://www.vsmuzeum.sk/expozicie,cenniky/stredoveka-fortifikacia-mesta-kosice-kazematy

Visitors information

Opening hours: http://www.vsmuzeum.sk/otvaracie-hodiny

Admission Fee: http://www.vsmuzeum.sk/expozicie, ticket / Rodosto-memorable-house-frantiska-ii-Rakoczi


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