Mikluš prison and executioners apartment in Košice

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One of the most attractive expositions of the East Slovakia Museum in Košice is certainly exposition of historical town prison with torture chamber and adjacent dwelling of the executioner. Prison, where in the past many found their destiny - thief, drunkard, adulterer or other weird elements, is guarded by the executioner himself -  dreaded Mikluš (in wax form), who worked here. He had made himself noticed by the people by his exceptionally cruel ways. Prison premises, torture chambers and executioners apartment breathe genuine contemporary atmosphere and also instruments for the performance of torture and capital punishment contribute to permanent exhibition on trade, crafts and the bourgeois housing in Košice.

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Region: Košice (Košický kraj)

GPS: 48.722815 21.259733


Address: Pri Miklušovej väznici 929/10, Košice, 040 01

Phone: +421 917 755 594

Email: info@vsmuzeum.sk

Web: http://www.vsmuzeum.sk/expozicie,cenniky/kosicke-storocia

Visitors information

Opening hours: http://www.vsmuzeum.sk/otvaracie-hodiny

Admission Fee: http://www.vsmuzeum.sk/expozicie, ticket / reality-century



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