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Immaculata in Košice

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Impressive plague column with a statue of Immaculata (the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary) on top is the mostbeautiful Baroque monument in Košice. Located in the northern part of the Main Square and rises to a respectable height of 14 meters. Column was built in 20-ies of the 18th century as a sign of gratefulness for the end of the plague, and soon it became the scene of great contemporary affair: Calvinist pastor has put a derogatory sign on the statue of the saint. This action aroused enormous public outrage and earned the the pastor a punishment of exile from the city. Scared Catholic citizens built a number of lamps around the statue, organized night patrols, established the function of guardian and caregiver of the statues. Near the column are also regularlyserved worships, for which were special tools made, like a specific organ and church devices.

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Region: Košice (Košický kraj)

GPS: 48.722807 21.256827


Address: Hlavná ulica (severná časť Hlavného námestia), Košice - Staré mesto, 040 01

Phone: +421 55 625 88 88




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