Ursulin Church in Košice

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Builders of the Košice church, which is now called Ursulin, have very likely taken to heart the lessons of St. Apostle Paul, that it is not good to rush for eye-catching outer beauty, but the need to ensure, in particular inner beauty is important. Their work is truly characterized by the interior, but its exterior is hardly impressive. The church was even considered the least nice shrine of Košice, therefore it was for some time transformed into an army weapons depot. Thankfully today the building is back in the right hands, and serves as a place of prayer and contemplation.

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Region: Košice (Košický kraj)

GPS: 48.721899 21.255326


Address: Mäsiarska 25, Košice - Staré mesto, 040 01

Phone: +421 55 625 88 88

Email: visit@visitkosice.eu

Web: http://www.kosice-city.sk/clanky-detail/ursulinsky-kostol/


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