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Betliar Manor House

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The quiet little town of Betliar, near the town of Rožňava, is one of the most visited towns in Gemer region. That is mainly thanks to the presence of the splendid Andrássy Manor House, considered one of the most handsome mansions in Slovakia. Visitors to the manor house can explore the exhibition that the local museum set up there focused on urban life and housing of urban nobility in Slovakia. Apart from sumptuous salons, bedrooms or luxurious bathrooms, what is also worth seeing is the collection of rare and exotic items the traveller and adventurer Emanuel I Andrássy collected and brought there. The collection comprises items such as a Japanese samurai armour and equipment or a desiccated head of a Papuan warrior. There is a cave with a winter garden and stuffed bears on the ground floor. The powerful impression left by the exhibition is topped with a leisurely stroll through the exhibition park surrounding this former Andrássy residence.

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Region: Rožňava (Košický kraj)

GPS: 48.706058 20.510084


Address: Kaštieľna 6, Betliar

Phone: +421 58 798 31 18; +421 918 728 400



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