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Nature reservation Šúr

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Unique nature reservation Súr ( also called Jurský Súr) represents valuable complex of boggy- moor alder forest with many swamps and a peat bog.As it is  the only natural biotop of this kind in middle Europe, no wonder it belongs to Important areas of Europe list. There is a lot of extremely rare plants and animals . Some of them are close to extinction. In the southern part, there is a sparse, always dry oak – cedar forest called Panónsky háj. On the border of the reservation, there runs a nature trail called Natural jewels of Šúr, which starts not far away from train station in Svätý Jur and ends in the village Čierna voda. On this trail, you can see all the faces of this location – impressive swamps and peat bog meadows, dense forests with trees shaped in fancy ways evoking the tropical forests as well as magic corners of bright Panónsky háj.

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Region: Pezinok (Bratislavský kraj)

GPS: 48.237194 17.227321


Address: Svätý Jur, 900 21



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