Caraffa Prison - Gallery PKO Prešov

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Caraffa prison in Prešov is a historic building that is from its back side attached to Town Hall. As the name implies it is named after the imperial general Caraffa, who directed the famous "Prešov slaughter" a bloody court with Prešov protestants accused of involvement in anti-state activities at the time of civil and religious wars. In fact in Caraffa prison at the time of slaughter was no-one imprisoned, but some of the accused were tortured in the basement of the adjacent hall. Prison building is now available to the general public. Not only the history  fans will admire this place but lovers of modern art will enjoy the gallery housed here at PKO Prešov, focusing on the presentation of new trends in the visual arts from paintings and photographs to posters, graphics and lighting design.

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Region: Prešov (Prešovský kraj)

GPS: 48.996984 21.238937


Address: Jarková 13090/28A, Prešov, 080 01

Phone: +421 51 772 37 41



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