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Primatial Palace in Bratislava

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A beautiful building of the Primatial Palace in Bratislava, one of the Neo-Classical architectural gems in Slovakia has a rich and memorable history. In 1805 in a mirror hall of the palace there was signed the peace treaty between the Austrian Empire and Napoleon’s France. Today the building is a seat of a Mayor of Bratislava and also the place where are held various cultural events. In the palace there are also exhibition premises of Bratislava City Gallery. English woven tapestries belong to a rare and unique collection of exhibits in this building.

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Region: Bratislava (Bratislavský kraj)

GPS: 48.143926 17.109712


Address: Primaciálne námestie 1, Bratislava, 811 01

Phone: +421 2 593 56 394



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Opening hours:

Admission Fee: +421 2 593 56 394;


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