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Devín Castle

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The ancient Devín Castle, sitting on an imposing crag above the confluence of Dunaj and Morava rivers, is one of the symbols of Slovakia. Visitors to this castle are presented with a number of beautiful sights to see; among them is the picturesque Maiden Tower (Panenská veža), represented on old Slovak coins. According to a legend, this tower was the place of the end of an unhappy love between Mikuláš, the lord of Devín Castle, and a young maiden named Margaréta. Mikuláš was reportedly killed there by Margaréta’s uncle. On hearing the news, the young bride could not bear it and jumped off a cliff into the raging waters of Dunaj. There are other interesting things to see as well; there are various remains of Roman activity, a partly restored church from the Great Moravian period, or a round medieval chapel. Not far from the castle, hikers can visit the beautiful Devínska Kobyla Nature Reserve with an info trail with panels offering information about various aspects of the surrounding countryside.

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Region: Bratislava (Bratislavský kraj)

GPS: 48.173889 16.978056


Address: Devínska hradná skala, Bratislava - Devín, 841 10

Phone: +421 2 657 301 05



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Bratislavský okruh s deťmi 26.04.2017 Admin
Kategória: Route Nature
Ak nemáš čas na dlhý výlet mimo Bratislavu pripravili sme ti okružnú trasu, ktorá začína priamo pri Devínskom hrade. Mmeria 9.9 km a prevýšenie je len symbolické, 150 výškových metrov takže to zvládnu aj menšie deti. A čo všetko tu ... Read more


Heady 29.08.2016 o 15:14 visited
lenkamaguska 03.06.2016 o 21:36 visited 02.06.2016
Pekné len škoda, že horný hrad je z dôvodu rekonštrukcie zatvorený. Počasie nám tiež veľmi neprialo. 

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