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  • Spišský hrad 3 - Bjalek Michal
  • Spišský hrad 4 - Kristína Nováková
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Spiš Castle

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Spread on a hill overlooking the picturesque countryside of East Slovakia lie the ruins of one of the greatest Medieval castles in Europe, the Spiš Castle. Being such a unique structure, Spiš Castle is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a part of the tour of the castle, visitors get to see Spiš Museum’s interesting expositions focused primarily on historical weaponry. The castle is subject to several legends. According to one of them the castle is haunted by the White Lady, the castle lord’s sister. It is said she was taken in by an insidious vagrant bard who kidnapped her young charge Barborka. When the lord of the castle located the girl and returned home with her, he found his grief-stricken sister lying dead beneath the castle walls. Visitors to Spiš Castle should also consider visiting the nearby Spišská Kapitula conservation area dominated by the beautiful St. Martin’s Cathedral (Katedrála sv. Martina). Keen hikers should not miss the Brada – Dreveník info trail going through the area around the nearby Spišské Podhradie, where they can admire local travertine mounds.

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Region: Levoča (Prešovský kraj)

GPS: 49.000816 20.768623


Address: Spišské Podhradie, 053 04

Phone: +421 53 454 13 36



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