The Narrowest House

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Few know that close to Michael’s Gate in Bratislava there is the narrowest house in the world. It was built in the late 18th century between Michael's Tower and the neighbouring burgher house after removal of the Bratislava city walls. This unique specimen with its width of 130 cm surpasses the alleged "narrowest house in the world" built in Warsaw in Poland in 2012.

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Region: Bratislava (Bratislavský kraj)

GPS: 48.145157 17.106716


Address: Michalská 375/15, Bratislava, 811 03

Phone: +421 2 16 186




ingTimotej 13.04.2016 o 14:33 visited 21.07.2015
Na tradičnej návšteve Bratislavy sme navštívili aj najužší dom.

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