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Makyta - 970 m.a.s.l.

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Massive, forest covered hill Makyta, laying in the mountain range Javorníky is considered to be one of the most beautiful hills of Slovak- Moravian area. Mainly because of its impressive old woods, with variety of rare plants and animals, including beasts like bear, wolf or lynx. On the Bohemian side, these woods are protected with the national reservation status. On the top of Makyta, there is a wooden shelter for tourists. There was once a lookout tower, but it was destroyed. The view from the top is very poor because of the trees. That is the reason that not many people visit this hill even though the scenery is beautiful. Interesting thing is, that the  garment factory Makyta received its name by the hill. There is a wide range of hiking trails leading to the top both from Chzech and Slovak side. Hikes start mainly in  villages Lazy pod Makytou or Lysá pod Makytou.

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Region: Púchov (Trenčiansky kraj)

GPS: 49.260878 18.163006


Address: Javorníky, Lazy pod Makytou, 020 55



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